Electrical Items supplied to Utilities for Generation and T & D (Transmission & Distribution). Also items for private contractors.

Below is a sample list of products supplied in this area and we have also given direct links to Noticeboards of relevance.

Sample of items supplied by GDM Lindex Ltd in this sector is shown in the attachment below:-

Sample of items supplied by GDM Lindex Ltd in this sector

Noticeboard links:-

Modualr Support System for Pipe and Cable

Lifting Equipment – Cylinders, jacks and vehicle lifts

Fork Lift Truck and Parts

OEM Filters & filtration – VOKES oil and fuel filters

Front loading spray wash machine for degreasing & cleaning handling cylinder heads and components

Festoon Lighting

All Electric Car for the Utility

Selection of items supplied to Electricity Utilities

Shoes and boots

Self contained breathing apparatus SCBA

Selection of items supplied to Electricity Utilities

Hino Truck parts and gate automation

Compressors – for use by the Public and Private Sector. Range includes Sperre, Clarke, Hamworthy and Hatlapa amongst others

SOLAR Generators & People Power Generators

GDM Lindex Ltd were busy supplying across the Industry Sectors. Selection of items shipped in the month listed below for the Police, Fire, Electricity, Water, Port Authority, Agriculture, Public Works and Cable & Wirless (LIME)

GDM Lindex Ltd are supplying to a Electricity Utility a range of outdoor and indoor termination kits, boot and build up kit for terminations, cold shrink straight through joint kits and solderless earth connections. Products are Raychem and 3M

GDM Lindex supply galvanised forgings & presswork for the overhead line electricity and telegraphic industries. Product range covers screw anchors (rods, stays, anchors), stay equipment (stay rods, straps, thimbles), hot forged (insulator pins, ball clevis , hook bolts, insulator pins and spindles, pigtail hook bolts, pole steps, re-bar, eyebolts), pressings (plates, brackets, tie straps, D iron, anti climbing devices, cable hangers, clamps, flat and curved washers) and castings (socket thimble, socket clevis, socket tongue)


Cable Pulling Winch

Electric Heating of Heavy fuel oil


Refurbishment of travelling belt screen for sea water cooled diesel power station

Sperre and Atlas Copco Compressors

Vokes Filters

15kV oil ring main switchgear