Sugar Industry

Factory Spares, vehicles, tractors, trailers and punts

Product supplied includes Pumps, valves, engine parts, refactory materials, tube cleaning equipment, loaders, drainage pipe, cable, seals, bearings, V-belts, maintenance tools, filters, laboratory equipment, pressure gauges, sight glasses, tyres, landrovers, bottle jacks, pumps for sulphutric acid and sulphate of ammonia, conveyors, bags, flowmeters, fasteners, steel ropes, fencing, nuts and bolts, cranes, gantry drums, positive displacement magma pumps, jointing materials, crucibles, gearboxes, Whatman filters paper, hand tools (forks, spades, cutlasses), gearboxes, compressors, fuses, sprayers, scales. chain blocks, emery cloth, face masks, welding products, water distillation products, turbine spares and a full range of personal protection equipment to cover head protection, hearing, breathing, footwear and handwear.

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