Welcome & best wishes for 2016 to all our Customers and Suppliers.

January 6th, 2016

We hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. Best wishes for 2016 and we hope it is a good year for us all.

In January 2016 our last advert in Zing (the quarterly inflight magazine of Liat – The Caribbean Airline) is published. The set of four adverts are shown below. We based the adverts around iconic symbols of Britain and also our Company. The castle (issue 3) is in Newark where we are based and is the logo of our company and issue 4 shows where our county, Nottinghamshire, is situated in the UK. Two links below give some further detail on the Castle and also the role of Newark Castle in the 1600’s.

Newark Castle
Newark Castle and the Civil War

If you want to see the respective magazines go to the links below:-
Issue 1 http://ta-emags.com/V1/Zing/Z27/ Page 24 GDM Lindex advert
Issue 2 http://ta-emags.com/V1/Zing/Z28/ Page 45 GDM Lindex advert
Issue 3 http://ta-emags.com/V1/Zing/Z29/ Page 55 GDM Lindex advert
Issue 4 http://ta-emags.com/V1/Zing/Z30/ Page 6 GDM Lindex advert