Battery Powered Hydraulic Rescue Equipment for the Emergency Services

January 1st, 2015

Best wishes for 2015.

GDM Lindex Ltd has just supplied part of a range of battery powered hydraulic equipment to a major Fire Service in the Caribbean. The full range of equipment is portable, lightweight and powerful and used for cutting, spreading and lifting. The tools are used worldwide by rescue, military, police and security services.

We have supplied equipment that is part of the modular system although there are dedicated tools such as the Combi or bar cutter. If you wish to discuss any of the tools in the range do not hesitate to contact us.
Applications of the tools cover:-

– Forced Entry (MOE)
– Vehicle & Confined Space Extrication
– Urban Search and Rescue
– Vehicle Self-Rescue
– Remote Decommissioning
– Protestor Release
– Aerial Response
– Rapid Response RTC Vehicles

See photographs below and an overview of the modular system plus details on the dedicated Combi tool.

Battery Operated Hydraulic Tools for the Emergency Services