Breathing apparatus sets for the Fire Department

August 12th, 2010

GDM Lindex Ltd have just supplied a further set of breathing apparatus sets for the Fire Department. Details on the Drager sets are shown below. We supply full range of equipment and clothing for the Fire Service from tunics, trousers, shirts, helmets, boots, gloves, fire hose, foam, pumps, lifting mats, spreader/jaws of life, standpipes, bolt croppers, branches, first aid equipment, decontamination showers- shelters-equipment, Fire engines, etc.

Dräger PSS 90

Breathing Apparatus

Comfort Carrying System

The Dräger PSS90 features an orthopaedically designed backplate moulded from glass-filled polyamide with carbon fibre for resilience and strength. Following the natural contours of the back and attached securely to the fully padded waistbelt and shoulder harness , the result is a carrying system which ensures that the weight of the apparatus and cylinders is concentrated on the hips – thereby reducing backstrain, stress and fatigue.

Robust Design, Designed to endure the harsh environments within which today’s fire and rescue professionals are expected to perform, every component is manufactured to a high degree of chemical, heat and flame resistance. PSS90 is fully designed and tested to comply with the highest flame engulfment standards in the world. The anti-static composite backplate,incorporating moulded carrying handles, is flexible and impact resistant without compromising wearing comfort

Easy Donning and Doffing & a The Dräger PSS90 features pull forward waistbelt adjustment and optional stainless steel friction buckles for quick and easy donning and doffing.

Wide Range of Set Configurations

Gas Mask

Dräger Panorama Nova®

The Panorama Nova full-face mask has been successful in the market worldwide for decades and provides reliable and secure protection. In combination with a compressed air breathing apparatus or rebreather it is used as a tried and tested face piece by firefighters and in mining.

PSS Lung Demand Valves

The compact lightweight design is easy to use and easy to service. The robust impact resistant design is achieved using advanced composite housing in combination with a silicone rubber cover. The PSS range of LDVs is available with a range of facepiece connectors for different Draeger facemasks.

Compressed Air Cylinders

Compressed Air Cylinders

Choose from a broad range of compressed air cylinders to configure breathing apparatus to your individual requirements. Draeger offers a complete range of 200 bar and 300 bar steel and composite cylinders. Sizes range from 4 L 200 bar to 9L 300bar with a choice of cylinder valves.