Covers & frames (iron, steel and composite), surface boxes, gully grating and all associated items.

March 7th, 2017

A good month for orders to the Water Industry in iron manhole covers, fire hydrant covers and surface boxes.

We supply the full range of iron covers to a number of utilities. Majority of goods on this occasion were manhole covers, fire hydrant covers and surface boxes, however we also supply gully grating, gully connectors, kerb drainage units, step irons, lifting keys, security grilles, locking devices.

In addition we offer in this area a full range of steel products, composite products and ducting systems (chambers).

Where required badging can be done on covers and frames.

Product can be offered to meet your industry and requirement from Class A15 – Group 1 (Pedestrian and cycling areas) through to Class F900 – Group 6 (for areas with high wheel loads such as dockyards and airports) and all ranges in-between.

All iron covers are manufactured to British Standard Specifications – BS EN124:1994. The link below shows iron products loading categories for certain application areas.

Loading Catergories for iron product.