Cylinders, Jacks and Vehicle lifts for Power Generation, Seaports, Public Works Departments, Construction, Quarrying and other industries

May 2nd, 2017

We have just supplied a cylinder lift to meet a specific requirement at a Seaport. A kit was provided including a single acting low height cylinder, pump and hose.

The cylinder had a capacity of 147 tonnes, a closed height of 155mm (15.5cm) and a stroke of 50mm (5cm). In addition to this range there is a very low height pancake cylinder that can be provided for capacity upto 104 tonnes.

We supply across industries cylinders, jacks and vehicle lifts. Cylinders are single and double acting, pump and cylinder sets provided, jacks include bottle jacks, machine lift jacks, jacking systems.

Within the Public Works area we supply trolley jacks, hi-lift jacks and vehicle lifts (2 post, 4 post, mobile and platform lifts).