Mobile Data systems for use by the Police and Fire Brigade whilst in vehicle and patrolling using the “Toughbook”

August 1st, 2011

We are currently in discussion with a Police Force concerning the implementation of a vehicle data system giving officers access to upto date information and real time data. I have attached two videos discussing the effectiveness of the system and the efficiency it brings to the Fire and Police Service respectively. One is from Surrey Fire Brigade, and the other from the Leicestershire Constabulary.  On the video from the Leicestershire Constabulary concerning the mobile data system and the Toughbook, it is stated “….in communications terms the biggest step forward in Policing for forty years since we were first issued with radios…”

Furthermore although the Toughbook is mounted in the vehicle it can also be undocked and used by officers as a standalone unit in the office or patrolling.

If you want to discuss this product further do not hesitate to contact us.

Surrey Fire Brigade Case Leicestershire Police Case