Support to an Overseas Airport – Windsocks for their heliports and Bunker suits and gloves for their Fire Department

March 3rd, 2016

We are supplying windsocks for an Airport for use at the 3 heliports they control. In addition Bunker Suits and Gloves are being supplied for the Airport Fire Department.



Compliance: ICAO Annex 14 Vol II (Heliports), CAA CAP437, FAA 150/5345-27D L806 Style I-B Size 1

The Windsock Masts supplied are in use at over 25 airports around the UK, on offshore platforms from the North Sea to the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia, and at hospital heliports worldwide. They have also been supplied to the United Nations, the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy.

- A range of standard sizes from 2.5m to 6m overall height. Custom sizes are available.
- Tilt-down design mounted on 1.5m bolt-down Base Post.
- Designed to withstand 100 mph winds.
- The masts are fabricated from mild steel, then galvanised to BS 1729. Stainless Steel versions, in 316 marine-grade, are also available.
- The mast can be safely raised and lowered by one person using an auto-braked winch. This is normally only fitted to masts 4m or higher.
- The mast can be supplied painted in red & white bands or a solid colour (e.g. orange) over the galvanising. Most colours are available.
- A mast lock secures the mast in the upright position once raised, in addition to the winch.
- The mast is supplied in parts less than 305cm long to keep delivery costs down.
- Illumination is provided by an LED lamp to give 50,000 hour life at low energy consumption.
- The illumination itself is fixed, with the windsock frame and shield rotating around it, for maximum reliability. The manufacturer does NOT use a slip ring to transfer power to a rotating light; they found that these have a widely varied (and thus relatively unreliable) life span. Their design is also more responsive because of this, because only the windsock frame rotates – not the light – and there is also no friction from a slip ring.
- The windsock frame is mounted on 2 x sealed Stainless Steel bearings.
- The lamp is shielded from mouth of windsock to prevent pilot glare, using a stainless steel shield that rotates with the windsock
- Lighting available for 230V and 110V AC, or 12V DC.
- A Red LED Obstruction Light can be provided, mounted above the windsock.
- The illumination is controlled by a switch mounted on the base post, fitted with a small neon light to help locate it in the dark, and a photocell is available. The optional obstruction light is controlled directly by a switch to allow it to be left on at all times if required.
- All cabling is contained within the mast for protection.
- The supplied standard windsocks are 1.5m / 5ft x 46cm / 18”, and 2.4m / 8ft long x 60cm / 2ft diameter depending on the local requirements. The illuminated windsock frame is supplied to match the required size.
- Standard colour is aviation orange, in 100% polyester custom made fabric. Other colours or striped / banded versions in different colours are also available.
- No chains, wire or metal hoops are used in the windsocks to maximise responsiveness.

Airport Fire Department :- Bunker suits (tunics and trousers) and gloves