Grassland Machines and Earth engaging equipment:- Tractors, Walk behind tractors (or two wheeled or hand tractor), Ride on mowers and Remote control mowers and a full range of attachments.

September 5th, 2016

We have supplied to an Agro Processing Unit a walk behind tractor (or two wheeled or hand tractor) and ride on mower. Photographs are show below. The walk behind tractor was taken with a range of attachments to give the user a lot of versatility with a single piece of equipment. The attachments were a range of ploughs and a water pump.

At the same time for work in the facility the Agro Processing unit took food processers, commercial mixers and dehydrators.

We supply a full range of equipment of agricultural and grassland machines and earth engaging equipment covering tractors, power arm attachments, bank tractors and remote controlled mowers. For the tractors there is a full range of attachments from rotary and flail mowers, to grassland maintenance equipment (spring harrow rakes, pasturator, subsoilers, rollers and shakaerator), ploughs, rotavators, harrows and material handling equipment.