Vehicle Lifting Equipment for loading / offloading Vessels

March 11th, 2014

GDM Lindex Ltd has just supplied car and truck lifting equipment for a Port for its vehicle handling on and off vessels.
Photographs of some lifts in action are shown below.

Concerning lifting and securing we offer Chain and Fittings, Hoisting and Material Handling Equipment, Shackles, Polyester Slings, Wire Rope Fittings , Eyebolts and Eye nuts, Chain, Loadbinding Equipment, Rigging Screws, Lashing Equipment, Crane Wire Ropes & Wire Rope Slings, Container Lifting Equipment and Vehicle Lifting Equipment
In addition to the items shipped we can supply cost effective solutions for dock side, in a factory, building site or on board ship for

• Lifting Equipment
• Personal Protection Equipment
• Height Safety Equipment
• Container Lifting Equipment
• Securing and Lashing Systems
• Safety Barrier and Walkway Systems