Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

September 16th, 2013

GDM Lindex Ltd has been awarded the contract for the supply of a Dissolved Air Flotation System to treat Balanced Screened Effluent before gravity discharge. Also included is a Rotary Drum Screen. The package includes all that is required and is complete with an Inlet Pumping Station and Installation Supervision & Commissioning. Photographs below are of a DAF system and also a rotary screen. This contract is based upon handling 10m3/hour of Screened Balanced Effluent.

GDM Lindex Ltd can offer a service to design, install, construct and commission water and wastewater treatment systems for the public and private sector. This covers areas such as conveyors, screening, screening treatment, grit separation & treatment, combined treatment, sludge systems, septic tank receiving station etc.