List giving a sample of products ordered in the month, showing the diversity of products GDM Lindex Ltd are involved in across different industries. Also highlights that installation, inspection and repair work are carried out on site through the company. Furthermore the company arranges for refurbishment of exisiting product.

March 18th, 2009

The list below is a selection of orders received in February 2009. From the list of ordered items the ability of GDM Lindex Ltd to deliver at competitive pricing a very diverse range of product across a wide range of industries can be seen. Sectors include Public Works Departments, Fire Departments, Supermarkets, Sugar Companies, Electricity Utilities, Contractors, Water Companies, Airport Authorities, Agricultural Departments etc.

From the list it can also be seen that GDM Lindex Ltd are involved with inspection / installation / repair work, whereby engineers will go out to our customers overseas.

Furthermore the company is also involved in getting product refurbished. Customers will send product back to the UK and GDM Lindex will ensure it is inspected and fully refurbished.

Sample Of Orders February 09Sample Of Orders February 09